The most intensive use of Plexi material is the market sector. Sales support equipment proceeds as an inseparable whole with Plexi.

Plexi is a partner material that can take quick actions with its advantages such as surface gloss, a wide range of colours, thickness and size options.

Plexi material is used for purposes such as product stopper, intermediate divider, in markets, stores or pharmacies. We have experience in Plexi products used for shop windows, stands and shelves.

When plexi material is considered for supermarkets, product stoppers, dividers, gondola headlight boxes, shelf front labelling, company logos, and campaign notification equipment are produced.

For boutique stores, it can offer various solutions with more special designs.

It can produce transparent bracelet stands for jewellery stores and holders for jewellery and watches.

We can produce special display stands for perfumery and pharmacies for their products. With Livan Plexi's expert staff, we can obtain refined decorative products using plexi for your sales points